Established in 2003, Pure Salvage is the brain-child of founder Nic Kruger, a keen craftsman and enthusiastic advocate for sustainable living and environmental responsibility. Drawing on extensive experience in both the salvaging and furniture manufacturing industries, we curate a collection of salvaged and reclaimed timber, and then transform these materials into quality hand-crafted furniture, doors, custom homes, and other unique bespoke items.

Note that Pure Salvage was formerly known as Shipwreck Furniture which famously operated for many years before transitioning into Pure Salvage as the vision for our company was greatly expanded.

Our Principles

  1. Mastery: We pride ourselves on the masterful production of beautiful, enduring, high-quality items, such as furniture and doors, that reflect our passion for revitalizing otherwise discarded material.
  2. Sustainability: Through the utilisation of salvaged timber, we actively contribute to the reduction of deforestation, helping mitigate the environmental impact associated with traditional timber production and actively work to reduce environmental waste.
  3. Client-first philosophy: Our clients and their satisfaction are top priority to us and absolutely central to our business philosophy. We aim to not only meet, but surpass your expectations.

We like to say that choosing Pure Salvage means embracing sustainability without compromising on style.

Inside the workshop and behind the scenes

Where timber becomes art!

Meet the Founder

Nic KrugerIntroducing Nic Kruger, founder and operator of Pure Salvage (formerly known as Shipwreck Furniture). At the heart of Nic’s vision for the company is the commitment to sustainability and a passion for breathing new life into discarded materials.

Nic is also known for founding the company Eden Stone. A parallel venture specializing in natural stone cladding and stone building, founded on similar values.

Nic’s passion for these industries goes well beyond professional endeavors: it’s a profound love and appreciation of natural beauty, artisanship and sustainable practices. Nic seamlessly integrates his commitment to environmental sustainability through both companies. Taken together, these enterprises form a harmonious narrative of responsible sourcing and the creation of beautiful, timeless, eco-conscious living spaces.

Meet the Pure Salvage Team

All that said, Nic’s success wouldn’t be possible without his dedicated and hard-working team.

Pure Salvage Team

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